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Pre-registration Required - No Walk-ins

Caspersen Beach Ride

Ride the Intracoastal in the action-packed south end of Venice.

The first leg of his action-packed route takes us 4.4 miles along the Intracoastal that forms the island. Watch boats of all sizes slice through the water leaving their white foam wake spreading out in a V. We're likely to see Gopher Tortoises, bald eagles and other large birds, maybe even a manatee or dolphin. We'll be riding over Circus Bridge and if we're lucky, it will open while we wait. We roll next to Venice Airport and under a lot of small planes taking off and landing. Certain days we'll be able to catch a glimpse of the trapeze artists practicing their craft. Caspersen Beach is a great destination to give your legs a rest after a hardy ride. You'll have an opportunity to hunt for your own sharks teeth on this uncultivated beach known for the teeth found here every day. There are restrooms and shaded picnic tables on the boardwalk that runs between the road and the beach and water. 9+ miles of riding in total. 4 person minimum on this ride.